When a series becomes so famous as to enter the collective imagination, so much so as to become a country's cultural heritage, it may happen that entire days are dedicated to the characters of that given series. A bit like today Dragon Ball.

Well, maybe many of you They do not know or maybe someone is aware of it, but today 8 May 2020, the day that is about to end and that in the country of Rising sun has already ended, has been defined Gohan Day. Twenty-four hours dedicated to one of the most loved characters in history of anime and manga, as well as eldest son of another legend: Goku.

And if that wasn't enough, in the tomorrow, 9 May 2020, will follow precisely on Goku Day, with the son who will give way to the father and allow him to receive the deserved glory in many years of activity at the service of the superior good. In his world Goku he saved the earth many times, in ours instead he saved many people from boredom, taught principles and values to kids who are now men.

In the universe created by Toriyama father and son are two legends who put themselves at the service of the good without ask for anything in return, without seeking fame and, in return, in ours they are equally heroes for all there is they have given in these long years of activity.

And while the manga of Dragon Ball Super continues to narrate the duel between Goku and Molo to answer the question on how it will end, while we pay homage as we can the characters created by the master Toriyama.

If it may interest you, we have also covered some theories of what could happen if Molo wins.

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