The famous series by Hiroiko Araki, the Bizarre Adventures of JoJo, is a powerful creative trigger for the supporters of the work, who delight in making fan art or crossover illustrations with the most famous characters of pop iconography.

A fan, whose username is MeowMetal on Reddit, shared a spectacular representation of Joseph Joestar while using the Hermit Purple Stand imitating Marvel's wall climber.

Joseph Joestar appears for the first time in the second season of JoJo's The Bizarre Adventures, Battle Tendency, in which he confronts head-on vampire antagonists, Pillar Men and enemies capable of manipulating the Stands.

After the first two seasons, the author of the manga revolutionizes the system of powers introducing the concept of Stand, and our protagonist is given that of Hermit Purple.

Upon its activation, Joseph Joestar is able to manipulate a tangle of purple-colored brambles sprouting from his hand. Although not particularly effective, brambles guarantee Joseph considerable telepathic powers.

Thanks to them, he can create psychic photographs - by destroying a camera or similar object - capable of revealing the enemy's position, or capable of reading in the enemy's thoughts with the help of a TV.

These are just some of the skills of the Stand, and if they intrigued you, we recommend you to deepen the topic by watching the series or reading the manga.

By the way, in an article dedicated to JoJo's Bizarre Adventures we have chosen the 5 best stands of Araki's narrative universe. Staying on the theme of the news, however, an epic fan art brought together all the characters of JoJo.

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