In recent years, the art of cosplay has become an increasingly complex and lucrative profession, but few characters have managed to turn the craft into a gold mine. Enako is one of them and is currently at the forefront of the entire industry.

Enako's room, or rather his wardrobe, is the dream of many fans, since the artist has accumulated a lot of clothes over time. As Japan's most popular cosplayer, the talented artist has evidently amassed large sums of money, of which "only" $750,000 in 2021.

Recently, during a New Year's event broadcast, the cosplayer and her manager took part in an interview that revealed how Enako even earns in a year more than 200 million yen (1.5 million euros at current exchange rates). It's an outrageous number, unfortunately 50% shared with the agency that represents it, but which confirms how profitable this specialized sector is becoming. An interesting curtain within the show made the protagonist the cosplayer who revealed that she doesn't know the exact amount of money in her bank account as it's her own manager who takes care of it.

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