Fans of the fantastic work of Akira Toriyama Dragon ball You will surely remember Cell as one of the cruelest, most sadistic and powerful antagonists ever to appear on both the episodes and pages of the regular series, and a fan wanted to dedicate a nice cosplay to one of his special forms.

Sure you will remember the transformations that gradually led us to the perfect cell, with absorption first of C-17 and then of C-18, but the particular shape chosen by cosplayer @lowcostcosplayth is that of the Semi-perfect cell ready to explode destroy the entire planet earth.

Proud of his son Goku will decide to sacrifice himself and teleport himself and Cell. due to the enormous mass that has accumulated on the planet King Kaio and is causing its destruction, he cannot move. In order for it to be a lot more fun than it actually is, the fan who, thanks to other cheap cosplay, has already appeared on our site, wanted to show it his very personal and brilliant interpretation of Cell just before the explosion.

As you can see in the post at the bottom of the news, the artist didn't even consider buying a particular costume or wearing makeup like the bad guy, but rather wearing it Underpants that perfectly recall the orange color of the character's body, Draw lines and shading, then apply a simple printed picture of Cell to the whole thing.

Recall that the real names of # 17 and # 18 were revealed recently, and we'll leave you to the battle for popularity between Dragon Ball, Naruto and ONE PIECE.

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