The manga of Dragonball Super finally put Vegeta in the spotlight, who had landed too many chapters on the edge of the narrative. The sensei, under the constant and strict supervision of Akira Toriyama, actually showed readers the latest transformation of the Saiyan prince.

That Chapter 75 of Dragon Ball Super promises to be instantly exciting as he will uncover all the new skills that Vegeta has learned now that he has come into possession of the power of destruction. But how powerful has our hero become after further improving and finally getting closer to his eternal rival?

The V-Jump Editor, Win Uchidahe asked Toyotaro in a recent interview who is stronger now between Goku and Vegeta, a question that put the sensei in extreme trouble. In doing so, the publisher has broken the embarrassment of the conscious question that further deepening the answer could have triggered an involuntary spoiler, a symptom that the authors have something interesting in mind for the two protagonists. In the end, Toyotaro simply added that "Vegeta got cool, very cool. "

Anyway, from the exchange between the two it becomes clear how much the two characters have become very similar in terms of power, even if one of the two even appears superior to the other given the embarrassment of the sensei. Instead, what do you think of this question and answer? Let us know with a comment below.

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