Bulma is ubiquitous in Dragon Ball and how could she not. Although she is not a fighter and therefore cannot reach out a concrete hand in the urgent struggles, she nevertheless manages to make significant contributions thanks to her support and her inventions. After all, it is Thanks to her when the Dragon Ball story began.

Punctual, Bulma She goes from an arrogant and irascible girl to a consummate woman who, although she does not lose some elements of her peperino-typical character, also shows wisdom and maturity, especially since she was in Trunks' mother. will Dragon Ball Z during the Android saga. At that moment he showed new clothes for the umpteenth time.

Bulma appeared on this occasion with a red t-shirt, an orange sleeveless jacket, short blue hair, and white trousers with a brown belt. The cosplayer Mayabrief, a big fan of Dragon Ball, but above all this character, shows once again that she is in the role of. knows how to get used to it Bulma in this cosplay with a capsule in her hands.

The 32 capsule, who knows what it's going to have, maybe another of the amazing capsule corporation motorcycles or vehicles. Meanwhile, thanks to his genius, the Dragon Ball crew has come to Namek: Here's a Bulma astronaut cosplay for the occasion.

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