Nikkei Asia announced on January 1st that companies and organizations from over 13 countries are cooperating to create theInternational anti-piracy organization (IAPO), which will be operational from April to combat piracy around the world, also given the new changes in the anime and manga market.

there Content Overseas Distribution Association (TAIL) Japanese is at the heart of the new organization. CODA includes 32 Japanese companies such as Kodansha, Shueisha, Shogakukan, Aniplex, Kadokawa, sunrise, Studio Ghibli, Bandai Namco Arts, Pony Canyon, Toei animation and other. IAPO also becomes The Motion Picture Association of the United States (which is made up of six members, including Sony pictures and Netflix) and about 450 members of the Copyright Society of China. Companies and copyright protection groups from South Korea and Vietnam are also expected to join the coalition.

IAPO will work for to curb manga and anime piracy and to support law enforcement agencies with local criminal investigationsespecially when these criminal investigations require the cooperation of law enforcement agencies from several countries. CODA director Masaharu Ina told TorrentFreak that the organization planned to form the coalition last year.

According to Nikkei Asia is Piracy has cost the manga industry approximately 800 billion yen ($ 6.92 billion) in Japan alone January to October 2021. Nikkei Asia said that number exceeds that of the entire licensed publication market, which is valued at 600 billion yen (about $ 5.19 billion) a year.

In a previous case in which Japan sought help from other countries in the fight against piracy, a California district court approved Shueisha's legal request for evidence to identify and prosecute the perpetrator of the copyright infringement. In addition, four publishers, including Shueisha, are preparing for the presentation Criminal charges against the operators of the Japanese-speaking pirate website Manga Bank.

The Japanese parliament presented a proposal to revise the copyright law in June 2020 extend the law to punish those who knowingly download mangaillegally uploaded or pirated journals and academic papers. The revised law came into force in January 2021. The revision also banned "leech sites" that aggregate and hyperlinks to pirated media from October 2020.

Piracy not only plagues the anime and manga world, an anime director has also shed new light on the wild working conditions of the industry.

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