The first season of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba it aired in 2019 and has already exhibited several characters with its episodes. On the one hand there are the protagonists of the demon hunters, on the other hand there are these nocturnal and bloodthirsty creatures who have fought several times.

The final phase of the first season took place on Mount Natagumo, the home of Rui and his demons. There The spider family was the opponent of Tanjiro and his companions, with a confrontation that culminated in the extraordinary episode 19 that made Demon Slayer famous around the world. While Rui was facing the protagonist, there were other members of this family.

One of them is this Ruis spider mother, a woman with very fair skin and white hair, with various red spots on her face. The character obeying Muzan's Waning Moon commands is shown here in a Pugoffka cosplay. The Ukrainian cosplayer posed in this photo which you can see below where reproduces in detail the demonic mother of Rui. While wearing the white kimono and red petticoat, she carries a skull in her hands, which makes her figure even darker and more disturbing.

Demon Slayer 2 will arrive in 2021 and present Tanjiro and the other protagonists with new opponents.

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