Usually anime films, especially long-running ones Dragon Ball, Naruto and ONE PIECEThey are never canon. To do this, they show characters that will only appear in anime and manga in special cases, and in the same way, all of the new techniques shown there are often limited to films.

For ONE PIECE, however, there was a case in which One of the films spoiled a train that would appear in the anime in the future. In the seventh feature film about Luffy and his companions, entitled ONE PIECE - The Secrets of the Mechanical Island, the straw hat fought against Ratchet and his giant robot. During the battle Luffy used the Gear Second with which he defeated the opponent. So far everything seems to be normal.

Only that The film premiered in Japanese cinemas in March 2006 and the accompanying DVD for the home video release was made available on July 21 of the same year. But the Gear Second debut, which Luffy first showed in Enie's lobby against Blueno, is after that date. Episodes 272 and 273 of ONE PIECE in which Luffy activates second gear for the first time in his life In fact, they are dated July 23rd and 30th, 2006.

Although readers of the manga have known Luffy's new move for some time, viewers of the anime who went to the cinema to see the seventh ONE PIECE film found themselves spoiled for Luffy's future power-up.

What are the three best ONE PIECE films? Who knows whether one day the rumored fiction film number 15 by ONE PIECE will be added, which should be released in the next few months.

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