There are numerous characters throughout the manga ONE PIECE have changed their appearance, especially after the protagonists' two-year training. Among those who have suffered the most from this type of transformation is Koby. Let's go into more detail.

The numerous readers of the story conceived by Eiichiro Oda will all agree that the pink-haired marine is the character who has seen the most drastic change in her appearance.

The boy appears in the cartoon even before the protagonist is introduced. He was a Hub in the service of Albida, forced to take on this role because he was found aboard the pirate ship of the woman he accidentally boarded. After saving through Luffy and after following him on his first adventure, the young man finds the courage to realize his dream by joining the ranks of the Navy.

Exactly in the last episode of the anime, the Number 957we were able to observe the boy characteristically and physically completely different. The new episode showed Luffy's friend arguing with X Drake about a snail and both of them posing as members of the SWORD, a special military unit. In particular, the undercover marine informed the young man of recent events in the city of Wano.

Thanks to a Reddit user, we can compare what the Koby as it appeared in the first episode and in the last published one. The boy appears to be when he was part of a pirate crew much more confidentas well as completely different and much less caricatured features.

What do you think of Koby? Let us know with a comment.

Finally, I remember the new cover for volume 98 of ONE PIECE was released and I have a cosplay of ONE PIECE at Yamato.

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