With Eiichiro Oda on hiatus for a month, Weekly Shonen Jump has found another way to give its readers their weekly fix ONE PIECE. In fact, the Road to Laugh Tale project has started, a kind of collection of information, summaries and drafts made by Oda himself to take stock of the saga and manga.

Last week, Kaido's original hybrid form was revealed, which is vastly different from what we're familiar with. Before reaching the end point, Yamato also had to go through several transformations, both in body and in character and expression. With ONE PIECE: Road to Laugh Tale Volume 3, the penultimate of this series, the Original Yamato in the Oda designs. Some distinctive features have always been there, such as the horns, but have occasionally changed shape and position.

The biggest details are definitely the expressions that Yamato has gone through a long transformation process and most notably the absence of the mace, which was a sword at certain stages. In some situations she even fights with kicks in human form, maybe too similar to Sanji. Its hybrid form also has a special place in the latest designs available below. Do you prefer one of the prototype versions or the Definitely Yamato?

But in the first volume there was the return of Poneglyph with a very interesting synopsis.

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