In the past few days, the first sketches of the characters of Green Lantern have been shared and we are also discovering some more details about the plot of the debut number of the new necklace dedicated to the famous DC characters.

The first edition of Green Lantern written by Geoffrey Thorne and drawn by Dexter Soy is published April 6th by DC. The release date in Italy is not yet known, but many fans are still interested in this new version of the famous body. In particular, on the pages of the comic we will attend the meeting of the organization of United planets and guardians of the universe are held on OA and which are used to decide which group is best suited for the defense of the cosmos. Fans can then check out various characters from the Green Lantern Corps, including John Stewart, who will lead the famous group, and Keli Quintela, who will have an access battle with the Guardians.

Eventually, it was announced that he will also be present on the series Jo Mulleinwho will join the lanterns to investigate a mysterious explosion. We are sure that this new series will also be released in Italy. Meanwhile, the following happened during a meeting between Batman and Green Lantern, two of DC's most famous superheroes.

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