With the beginning of 2021, DC Comics' comic book readers immersed themselves in the Future State event. With the end of the same, however, fans of the Batman In the new books you will be able to read his adventures again. Let's find out the new story.

Before that, we learned about the new series that will follow the conclusion of Future statesOne example is the comic book that belongs to the Batman universe and is dedicated to Robin. But now we know that beloved Tim Fox, who took the place of Bruce Wayne in the role of Bat Man in the most recent event, will return to be the protagonist of a miniseries entitled The next Batman: Second son.

The identity of the new Batman was discovered on the Future State website, but not much is known about the history of this hero. The new register will reveal its own the origin and ties of Tim Fox with his family and everything we don't know about the mysterious protector of Gotham City featured in the latest DC Comics event.

The chapters of the new adventures will be published digitally from February 23. The first three will then be collected into a volume scheduled for April 6th. In addition, John Ridley's numerous works on the hero are published in a book entitled Batman by John Ridley Deluxe Edition.

What do you think of this comic What about the works of John Ridley? Let us know with a comment.

Finally, I remember DC Comics recently announcing a crossover between Batman and Scooby-Doo.

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