As sales of the Demon Slayer manga continue to grow, Japanese fans are eagerly awaiting theDemon Slayer Movie: Infinity Train hits theatersand hits theaters on October 16. But fans from overseas also testify in their own way how much they are waiting for the development of the franchise in anime format.

We are waiting for the film to arrive in Italy and for the arrival of a second season of the anime by Ufotable to be announced. We look forward to a cosplay that was inspired by one of the protagonists of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The character in question is Nezuko Kamado, the sister of the protagonist Tanjiro and the one who unknowingly led to the start of this journey.

Nezuko manages to show himself with his normal body as well as with a smaller body, where he takes on more delicate features. Despite his demonic nature, he manages to hold back and has won over many fans. Below we see it in Nezuko Cosplay created by Mangoecos. The girl has adopted the classic Nezuko clothing, consisting of the pink robe with black patterns, the obi belt at the waist and a black jacket. Obviously, there is no shortage of black and long hair that fades into orange and the bow that wraps it.

Inspired by Nezuko and the other Demon Slayer characters came Achilles' shoes.

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