Everyone knows Makima by now, even those who haven't read it yet chainsaw man. In fact, many are waiting for the anime of the series, currently scheduled for 2022, to be able to know the story of Denji. However, the red-haired character is so attractive and with a mysterious look that he will definitely attract attention.

Makima She is essentially one of the female protagonists in Tatsuki Fujimoto's work. It appears for the first time in the first chapter of the manga, while it can also be seen for a few seconds in the trailer for the Chainsaw Man anime published by Studio MAPPA, enough for us to appreciate it in color and with its gestures.

That's why they are on the web many Makima cosplays from Chainsaw Man. With the manga igniting even without an adaptation, those depictions multiplied with the announcement of Studio MAPPA's work, while the trailer did the rest. Tanya Bayer also proposed her version of the character in a simple but decisive way, with the classic office suit consisting of a white shirt and tie, while her long red hair and her eyes lit by orange irises stand out. A definitely hypnotic Makima like that of the manga.

Meanwhile, everyone is waiting for the anime, with Chainsaw Man, which could be the best product of 2022.

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