The title of the latest volume of the manga, written and illustrated by tamiki wakaki, 365 days until marriage (Kekkon suru tte, Hontou desu ka), reported the production of an anime adaptation. Production details and release date will be announced shortly.

365 days until marriage

tamiki wakaki began publishing the manga in the magazine Big weird ghosts from the publisher shogakukan in March 2020, still pending publication. Wakaki is also recognized for other works such as Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (The world that only God knows) And Nanoha Yougashiten no Ii Shigoto (A great job at the Nanoha Western Sweets Shop) to name a few.

Summary for 365 days until the wedding

Takuya and Rika are employees of a travel agency in Tokyo. They are both single but they don't mind as they are introverts and have full lives at home. Unfortunately, his job is now looking for staff for an office in Siberia, and unmarried employees come first. To avoid the move, Rika comes to Takuya with an idea: if they pretend to get married in a year, they can stay in Tokyo. The only problem is that they hardly know each other. When these two easygoing co-workers "fake" a relationship, does it become a reality?

ยฉ ่‹ฅๆœจๆฐ‘ๅ–œ (่‘—) / SHOGAKUKAN ๅฐๅญฆ้คจ

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