Chainsaw Man: Makima is ready to manipulate you in Sandy Kuroneko’s charming cosplay

The Chainsaw Man manga is now drawing to a close, and fans can't wait to find out how young Denji's adventure will end. Waiting for the next chapter and - hopefully - the announcement of the anime adaptation, the famous cosplayer Sandy Kuroneki has decided to pay tribute to his favorite character.

As you can see below, the girl has shared a number of shots in which she plays the role of Makima, Tatsuki Fujimoto's cold and ruthless devil hunter. The cosplay is examined in great detail, from the clothing to the gorgeous red hair to the halo the character uses in one of the newest chapters. The fans rewarded the cosplayer's work with approx 30,000 likes.

Despite a bad disposition and a strongly manipulative personality Makima is one of the characters most valued by manga fansAs the latest Chainsaw Man popularity poll shows. Social media is overflowing with fan art and cosplay of the girl, though not all of them achieve the fidelity we suggested today.

What do you think about it? What's your favorite Chainsaw Man character? Let us know what you think about Makima and the cosplay in question by leaving a comment in the box below!

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Tell me the wish I should grant ... Cosplaying as the queen of manipulation, Makima. And as usual, don't forget to read #chainsawman. . #chainsawmanmanga #shonenjump #chainsawmancosplay #makima #girlboss #cosplayer #girlcosplayer #mangacosplay #businesswoman

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