Aka Akasaka is one of the most well-known mangakas of recent years thanks to the work on Kaguya-sama: Love is War, one of the most successful and famous Sein romcoms of all time. Thanks to the anime, Kaguya-sama has received considerable public attention, but few people know that the mangaka has been devoting himself to it lately Oshi no Ko.

The author's followers know him well, but for those who do not know him, Oshi no Ko is a manga that was also published in Weekly Young Jump, Shueisha's Seinen magazine, which has gained considerable popularity among the public both in the field of polls and in the field of tankobon sales. Precisely for this reason, an anime of Oshi no Ko has been announced, a product that will be released on Japanese channels in a few months and of which we now have many more details.

First the first real trailer for Oshi no Ko, starring the protagonist Ai Hoshino, a very young idol who wants to make it in the entertainment industry, is struggling with an unwanted pregnancy. This event will set off a series of situations leading to a thriller-tinged story that intertwines the flashy world of Japanese showbiz and the ugliness behind the scenes.

One was also published Oshi no Ko Key visual with a now-mother, Ai Hoshino, and her two young children, Ruby and Aquamarine, all with very special eyes. At the same time the Release date of Oshi no Ko, with the first 90-minute super episode scheduled for April 2023. However, the first episode will also hit theaters in Japan and will premiere on March 17th. Will you follow the story of the idol?

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