On February 27, 2023 we celebrate the Pokemon Day when there will surely be updates on the future of anime. After all, Ash Ketchum's story ends with the last few episodes of Aim to Be a Pokémon Master, but before they say goodbye to the historical protagonist, a very special Pokémon will appear.

The 11-episode season dedicated entirely to Ash and Pikachu's farewell also brought familiar faces back to screens. Out of Misty to BrokAs far back as the Squirtle firefighting team, there have been several references to the anime's first series, which fueled the Pokémon phenomenon years ago alongside the release of the first games and trading cards.

However, after the update of Kunihiko Yuyama, veteran director of the series, it seems that before the final farewell to Pallet Town's coach, viewers will be able to take part in a years-awaited reunion. The director didn't go into detail, just stating that it "the Pokemon everyone wants to see“. The community has therefore started to propose different theories such as Greninja, undoubtedly a great companion of Ash, or even Mewtwo, the antagonist of the first official film of the franchise.

However, The most popular hypothesis seems to be that regarding Ho-Oh. The legendary bird guided Ash early in his journey, and according to many, it's finally time for the two to meet. What do you think of this conclusion to Ash Ketchum's story? Tell us in the comments.

Waiting to find out who the Pokémon in question will be, we leave you with the first official synopsis of the Pokémon anime that will be released in 2023.

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