The Thousand Years War, as the name suggests, has been going on for some time. This ongoing battle between Shinigami and Quincy appeared to have tipped in favor of the swordsmen who now rule the Seireitei, as explained multiple times in bleaching. In fact, until recently, it was believed that one of the last Quincy was Uryu Ishida.

However, the battle between the first Gotei 13 Shinigami and the Spiritual Archers didn't go exactly like that. Some Quincy stayed alive and therefore returned to spread hate and blood in Soul Society with the new episodes of the anime. Bleach: Thousand Years of Blood War He immediately entered the heat of the moment and launched the invasion of the Vandenreich, the Yhwach army, which has already claimed several lives.

Apparently, the invaders can't do as they please, and because of this, all the shinigami have rushed into action without wasting any time. Likewise Rukia Kuchiki fights back after years of not appearing on TV with new battles. Cosplayer Seracoss does the same and jumps into Bleach with this one Cosplay of Rukia Kuchiki who has her zanpakuto firmly in place in hand, ready to be undressed and transformed.

For now, there was also plenty of room for Brother Byakuya to face another enemy.

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