Vegeta's development is one of the cornerstones of Dragon Ball Z. However, his troubled transition from antagonist to hero was interrupted during the Buu saga, a time when he returned more evil than ever due to the influence of Babidi.

Although in Dragon Ball Super, his antagonist days are definitely over, at least until now, the evil side of Vegeta is especially popular with fans of the Toriyama franchise. In fact, his days as Majin Vegeta have been consecrated as his prime.

When he realized that Goku was far superior to him, the prince of the Saiyajins he was voluntarily checked from the evil influence of Babidi, a sadistic magician who wanted to bring Majin Buu back to life in order to increase his power dramatically. Majin Vegeta thus managed to challenge his rival and make him fight at full speed by killing numerous spectators who were present in the stands of the World Martial Arts Tournament.

To pay tribute to this evil version of him, cosplayer Leon Chiro shared on Instagram a certain interpretation in which the Saiyajin prince relived those long-gone days. Majin Vegeta wears the blue combat suit, the white gloves and transforms into a Super Saiyan. He has been brought back to life to accomplish his mission and prove to Goku who is the strongest Saiyan of all.

And what do you think of the cosplayer's work? Let's find out if Majin Vegeta really is the best version of Dragon Ball Z's Prince of the Saiyajins. From the worst to the most devastating, you can find all of Vegeta's techniques in Dragon Ball here.

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