L'Bleach anime is about to return with the saga of the Thousand Years' War, the final phase that will have to be adjusted before we can truly say that the story is over. In fact, the final arc of Tite Kubo's manga was not adapted to the times and work on the adaptation was only announced on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the work.

The important thing, according to fans, is that there are no fillers in the new Bleach anime. For the rest, we'll see the classic protagonists in action against new enemies who will try once again to undermine the very foundations of Soul Society, the real world and everything that exists. Inoue Orihime will also return to attack along with the other protagonists of the Shonen who marked the new millennium.

There won't be time left for school, but this one will Inoue Orihime Cosplay by Russian Win Winry takes you back to the early stages of manga and anime. The orange-haired girl who is in love with Ichigo wears the institute's summer school uniform, consisting of a simple white shirt with a red bow and a gray skirt. Thus, Inoue's orange hair stands out, also adorned with the two hair clips that give rise to her powers capable of altering reality.

Enjoy it because it will be difficult to see it again in the future as the war intensifies. Aerocat has prepared a cosplay of Inoue instead, but in arrancar attire.

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