After TOEI Animation managed to solve the dilemmas caused by the recent hack, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has a new release date. So more are finally showing up Information about the film and its unreleased characters.

An ancient enemy returns in the next anime film in the franchise. That threatens to threaten the Z Warriors red ribbon, the criminal organization that Goku has fought several times in the past. At the forefront of the new generation of the Red Ribbon is the evil Doctor Hedoof whom Weekly Shonen Jump has published a full biography.

As we see in the translation posted by Twitter insider @DBSChronicles, Doctor Hedo isn't the leader of the Red Ribbon since that role belongs to Magenta, but it's still the origin of evil. Heir to Doctor Gelowho gave birth to the androids, Hedo will enhance the project by bringing the Gamma series to life.

The mad scientist he is obsessed with superheroes, and indeed we see him in a caped spandex suit. Not only that, but his two androids Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 are convinced they are heroes. But what is the origin of this obsession with you?

In one of the promotional clips of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero we see it out of jail and later destroy. Why he was in this structure is still a mystery. Could it be related to his fanaticism towards superheroes?

What is certain at the moment is that Gamma 1 and 2 are his work, as well as the new enemy of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. His greatest inventionHowever, we are only discovered in the course of the film, when a mysterious capsule opens and reveals its contents.

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