There are so many bizarre guys in Black Bull. This ailing gang specially created by Yami Sukehiro is the real star of Black clover together with branch. The boy immediately found himself with a group of rowdy peers, each with their own personality, magic, and modus operandi that often incites them to fight.

There is the noble Noelle Silva, a very talented water magician, the fiery Magna, the brilliant luck, the attractive Vanessa Enoteca, of course Captain Yami and many others. There is also a very special Sorceress in this small group due to her origins who was seen very little at the beginning of Black Clover. However, his abilities are unique for this reason Charmy Pappitson is a key element of the Black Bull Magic Knight Brigade.

The girl is actually a dwarf, capable of harnessing both a magic of cotton, which spawns giant soft sheep and more, and most importantly, a magic of food, which she usually gorges on and restores strength to others . Today we present a great one Charmy Pappitson double cosplay in both the girl version and the adult versioncreated by the Russian model MK Ays.

In the photos below, the cosplayer has taken care to recreate both sides of the sorceress, with some success.

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