All for One and Tomura Shigaraki merged into a single being after the boy was inserted into the body of the super villain's famous Quirk. From here, a seemingly omnipotent being was created, capable of destroying anything and any enemy within My hero academy. But something could stand in the way.

That Chapter 361 of My Hero Academia it focuses on that. In fact, Mirio Togata's question receives a surprising answer, leading to the emergence of little Tenko Shimura's personality. The child never died and is buried in Shigaraki's many hands, forcing the body to respond to that will. All for One then regains control of it, but realizes the fusion isn't perfect yet and must quickly deal with its enemies to do so. So he makes his way to Bakugo, who was rescued by Mirio, the latter apparently being unable to do anything to stop the villain's advance.

Not even Best Jeanist can do much, ditto Nejire Hado, who goes on the attack despite a goal. The latter recalls some moments spent with her two classmates and then friends that made her smile. And just thinking back to those moments, Tamaki Amajiki's big attack is referenced: Suneater prepares his Quirk to the max, benefiting from a fusion with a dozen different animalsto prepare enough firepower to defeat the My Hero Academia villain.

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