They are long months for Black Clover readers all over the world. Yuki Tabata, with the approval of Weekly Shonen Jump, took a break from publishing her manga to better recover and prepare for the final arc. In fact, there is a bad problem that needs to be solved with Black Clover's bad ending.

Black clover 322 begins with a message from Yuki Tabata in which the author confirms that this is the final saga. A figure in the shadows has caught Lucifer: it is Lucius Zogratis, holding the devil's heart in his hands and biting it.

Meanwhile there is a time jump of one year, with Auction awarded by the Order of Magic Knights and Elected Chief Knights. With Damnatio gone, the process has been slower than expected, but the boy is finally able to get his recognition. Meanwhile, Mimosa and Noelle are still ashamed of the boy, while the protagonist once again professes to Sister Lily and is rejected for the final time. However, Asta vows to become Magic Emperor again.

The sister leaves while Asta stays on the balcony, ma Meanwhile, Lucius Zogratis arrives there, looks a lot like Julius Nova Chrono Adult, but has black hair. The Black Clover villain declares that this is the end. What evil will Asta now face?

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