Eren and Mikasa have always been linked in The Attack of the Giants, and it is evident that the girl shows more than a simple brotherly love for the protagonist of the work. Those words never came out, but they definitely did Mikasa's mind was always focused on Erenfor his protection and well-being.

The latest events de The attack of the giants However, they removed the two in a possibly incurable way. Eren turned down Mikasa at a table in the last confrontation, saying he hated her, while Mikasa, after some hesitation, decided to let his friend come back.

The new meeting between the two has since taken place earlier than expected Mikasa and the others are transported to the trails. After the first words of Jean, Connie and Armin, it is Ackerman who takes the floor. The girl is visibly sad and desperate, almost in tears, and we see her call Eren and beg him to go back and stop the slaughter of humanity.

Mikasa's words seem to fall on deaf ears, however, until Eren replies that he isn't going to stop and doesn't want to take the slightest risk. For this, Mikasa and the others will be forced to physically stop him so that he can end the mad march of the giants. Will the two of them return in contact as early as chapter 134 of The Giants' Attack?

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