Now anime and manga are everywhere. The popularity of these products, resulting from the spirit of the mangakas of the Land of the Rising Sun, has made a bang, with millions of copies sold, hours of content streamed on dozens of different platforms. But also titles like ONE PIECE, My Hero Academia, Chainsaw Man Black clover they are very strong everywhere.

And we have to focus on the battling wizard anime, which is currently on hiatus while Yuki Tabata's original work tries to gain traction by producing weekly content on Weekly Shonen Jump. While waiting for the Black Clover movie to come out on Netflix for a new exciting, albeit non-canonical adventure, all the fans of the world are thinking about the return of the anime, with one of the most intense sagas that the author has prepared.

There are those who try to shorten the wait in other ways by diving into cosplay with the various characters from Black Clover. And obviously who often ends up in the recordings is Noelle Silva, the water sorceress and female protagonist of the manga. Asta's friend, who has always been a high-profile tsundere, has earned an important place in the work and is often suggested by fans. Ai Nurul, an Arab cosplayer, also wanted to get her on her side, but in a very special way. In fact, Ai is a cosplayer hyjab, that is, a model who does not show her hair but uses her hijabs to reproduce it.

And so there is one Noelle Silva cosplay with Hyjab, where the silvery hair has been reproduced with the typical veil of Muslim countries. But obviously the rest is perfect, as well as the optics and the overall interpretation. There is also a cosplay of Secre del Toro Nero, one of his teammates.

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