Despite its bad reputation, the Black Bull sees some level wizards in its ranks. Indeed, the lowest social background has not blocked the growth of many magicians in the service of Yami Sukehiro and the they got up several times in the wake of Black Clover.

There is one of the Black Bull's strongest wizards Noelle Silva, one of the first Asta befriended in the group. Although Noelle had a Tsundere character, especially in the early stages, she was able to break the hearts of Black Clover fans and she herself gradually began to become more humble and open to others, giving up the pride typical of the nobility.

There Black Bull Sorceress has worked hard to improve and get stronger, create ever more powerful water spells and become a great warrior like her mother was. In the last few chapters of Black Clover, she shone with her offensive skills and earned the homage of a cosplayer for it.

MayWedaCosplay has decided to give its followers a Noelle Silva Cosplay from Black Clover and as you can see in the photo below, she decided to wear the version of the figure with the white and purple dress which gives her a much more regal look. What do you think?

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