The beginning of the story of Christa Lenz, a very petite blond girl who managed to stand out among the cadets of the 104th Division, was not very flashy. in the The attack of the giants It is seen very little in the early stages and only gains an important role when it ranks tenth in its course.

This begins his career in the Reconnaissance Army after the Siege of Trost has been stopped by humanity for the first time. Along with the protagonists Eren, Mikasa and Armin, as well as his close friend Ymir, He joins the army's most suicidal legion, by turning down the opportunity to join the military police protecting the rulers of The Attack of the Giants. And just like in this uniformed Historia Reiss cosplay, don the three-dimensional maneuvering device to venture outside.

However, Hajime Isayama had other plans for the character, who turns out to be the heir to the royal house. Thus, after a coup, she becomes the queen of humanity within the walls and leads the retaking of Shiganshina and then subsequent events leading to a war with the entire world. This Historia Reiss Cosplay as Queen created by Tamimimiko captures the moment when the woman sheds her role as a soldier and takes on that of a ruler.

And, of course, she'll have her part in the Attack of the Giants finals, too.

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