Meanwhile, the phase in which the organization of monsters struggled seems very distant. The heroes didn't easily manage to finish off almost all of them. Psykos was shot down, Homeless Emperor disbanded, Rover and Black Sperm incapacitated, and so on, all other components of the group of enemies that appeared One punch man in recent years.

But the latter two monsters in particular have returned and are causing some problems for Saitama, who was already involved in a condominium dispute. One-Punch Man 175 sees Saitama and Forte walking to the parking lot and as a bet, Rover and Black Sperm's management is also up for election, to be dealt with by the loser. Just as the fight begins, a car comes and runs over Forte, who didn't hear anything through his headphones.

Fubuki gets out of the car with his whole group. The woman appears to have important business to attend to and decides to take Saitama with her. At the same time, a visitor with a masked face came to see someone. The prisoner is Psykos himself, which he actually spent with Fubuki. In a flashback, One-Punch Man explains the relationship the two had during high school. In the meantime, however, the masked man makes Psykos pass out, stating that he will take her to the Tsukuyomi, where her Third Eye ability can be studied.

Why does Psykos become so important to this group of heroes? And what purpose does Fubuki serve instead?

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