Yoshitoki Oima enchanted us with his "The Shape of the Voice", a manga in seven volumes published by Star Comics, the anime version of which was also received in the form of a feature film. However, in recent years the author has devoted herself to the manga For your eternity. This album, published by Star Comics, is also about to debut as an anime.

Over the past few months we've learned who the voice actor was for Fushi and other anime characters, and how many episodes To Your Eternity would consist of. But now it has also been announced who will stream Yoshitoki Oima's new product to Italy.

today Crunchyroll has announced that To Your Eternity will appear on its platform in October. Good news for fans of the title, who can then follow it both without advertising and in lockstep with Japan as a premium user and with advertising a week after its release as a free user. Attached to the press release, Crunchyroll released a 38-second preview of To Your Eternity, Subtitles in Italian.

Here we experience the beginning of the journey of this creature and of Fushi on a constant search for the meaning of life. The trailer also confirms the arrival date in October and that To Your Eternity will consist of a total of 20 episodes.

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