There is always a moment that strikes a spark in each character, forcing them to take a certain path that wasn't previously intended. Since the end of the Hunter Choices saga, Yoshihiro Togashi has turned to a new saga that is now incredibly telling Birth of the Ghost Brigade.

In the previous chapters it became clear that Meteor, the city that gave birth to Quoll Lucifer and the other criminals, had an important shadow. in the Hunter x Hunter 397, the newly formed Brigade, not yet ghosted, has another show planned, but everyone is worried Sarasa won't show up. So the show is put on hold and everyone wants to get involved in the searches that begin. Some tracks lead to a forest where a locked sack and a note printed on a tree are found.

Quoll reads the note without saying its contents, only to discover Sarasa's dismembered body inside the sack. It's the moment when all the anger comes out of Quoll, who decides to carry out a plan. As Sheila leaves the group, the Ghost Brigade's founding members decide to follow Quoll in this action that will make the boys wait three years to then capture and torture those who killed Sarasa. And the Moment when the spider spins its first web in Hunter x Hunter.

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