There were many questions about what the members of CP0 would do at Egghead. The organization of world government has a very specific goal, that is, with three of its members, all of whom are already familiar to readers of ONE PIECE, approached the island. But on a mission like this, that just means there's going to be some chaos and some action.

And in fact, such a situation most often arises in ONE PIECE 1068. The chapter begins with the usual mini-adventure, still dedicated to the scuffles of Judge and Caesar Clown, who remember their past together in the MADS, but two other black silhouettes appear in the memories alongside Vegapunk. Luffy meanwhile He agrees to take Vegapunk away from Eggheadwhile the scientist explains that he wanted to create an inexhaustible source of energy, but this came too close to the ancient kingdom, which is why the world government wants to eliminate him.

Meanwhile, the island's defense begins, with the CP0 launching the attack thanks to the power of Seraphim Kuma. However, the real one surprises all the revolutionaries of Kamabakka: when he escapes Kuma uses Pad Pad to teleport to another location. Rob Lucci, Kaku, and Stussy take charge of the island's various defenses, while Shaka activates the three Seraphim at her disposal. But Atlas, still outside, tries to stop the invaders. Rob Lucci goes on a rampage and activates his hybrid form to take out Vegapunk's satellite.

In view of this, however, this chapter of ONE PIECE ends on a nostalgic encounter Luffy and Lucci's paths crossOnce again.

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