On the website Shonen Jump Plus from the publisher Shueisha The final chapter of the manga written by Otaro Maijo and illustrated by Arata Momose, Kono Koi wa Kore Ijou Kirei ni Naranai.

Maijo began publishing the manga through the Shonenisha publisher's Shonen Jump Plus app in December 2018, with him writing the story and Momose taking it upon himself to illustrate it. The publisher published the third compilation volume on February 4 and will publish the fourth on August 4.

In fact, it had previously been announced that the manga had entered its final arc since January 21.

Synopsis of Kono Koi wa Kore Ijou Kirei ni Naranai

I have an obsession with cleanliness… maybe that's why the girls in my class hate me. One day, they locked me in a closet at Yukimura's house, which is famous in the neighborhood for accumulating garbage in their home. But there I met the boy I was meant to be with ...

Source: ANN

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