The protagonists of Naruto, the very famous manga written and drawn by Masashi Kishimoto for 14 years, without counting sequels and spin-offs, have grown over time. In fact, several years have passed since the beginning of history when Naruto was just 12 years oldas it all ended in this 700 chapter that showed the future.

The whole generation of ninja who faced the invasion of the leaf village overcame many difficulties after two years of time leap and even the ninja war and then came together in the film Naruto the last, a movie that partially closed the circle around some subplots, especially the romantic ones.

Here, the focus will be on the Hyuga family, especially Hinata, and it will be she who will finally win the battle for the protagonist's heart. In Naruto the last Hinata Hyuga is even more grown up the definitive version of Naruto Shippuden, at the gates of twenty years ago. Her maturity still shines in the KendelB cosplay which you can check out below.

in the Hinata Hyuga Cosplay Suggested again by its author, we see Hinata with long black hair, a different dress than the previous one, gray and sleeveless, ending with blue elastic shorts, a pair of socks and some ninja accessories.

Naruto Shippuden's girlfriend is featured in another cosplay, while her most aggressive version can be found in this Hinata character from Gals DX.

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An oldie but a goodie 💕 I thought about redesigning my Hinata cosplay because I know I can do it soooo much better now. Hmm 🤔 📸: @arcane_shutter #hinatacosplay #narutothelast #narutocosplay

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