The Battle of Onigashima was abruptly interrupted due to ONE PIECE's two-week hiatus, unforeseen by the editors and the author. The Chapter 992 of ONE PIECE which was supposed to be published last Sunday, has instead been postponed to Friday, October 16, or eight days.

So it's early for the classic weekly spoilers, which are expected to arrive between Tuesday and Wednesday. however Weekly shonen jump has, as usual, presented the preview of the next issue in the magazine, in which ONE PIECE will return with a cover and opening color pages. In addition to this message, to celebrate the return of Eiichiro Oda and to improve his health, he has also included another message.

The magazine issued Luffy to occupy most of the population ONE PIECE 992 preview page and revealed that we will see the protagonist in Gear Fourth Snakeman Version. So far the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates in Onigashima has only used the Boundman. So this is a preview of the magazine suggesting that the other fast-paced form of combat will return, and that's why Luffy will again be at the center of the fight against an enemy.

At the moment Luffy is trying to reach Kaido and the red scabbards on the roof of the dome. Who does he have to face in order to be successful?

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