The final events of the third season of Attack of the Giants resulted in one Transformation by Eren Jaeger. The young man we saw in Shiganshina in the first episodes of the series grew up and after the jump in time, he appeared with a completely different character and appearance.

With long hair and a beard, and a more mature physique, Eren has grown into a young adult who lacks the boisterous character of yesteryear, although he is still determined to kill his enemies. After escaping from prison that Guy finalizes his design by tying his hair behind his head and shaved his beard. This is the Eren we'll see again in Attack of the Giants 4 Part 2 in the coming months, but there is a chance to see him again thanks to a cosplay from Tsun Takeru.

The oriental model took on the role of the protagonist of The Attack of the Giants and wore the usual beige t-shirt with laces on the neck and the dark coat that Floch gave him. One of the photos also mimics the pose shown in the anime and manga where she wears it. A Cosplay by Eren Jaeger really well done and true to the fact that one of the photos also shows the typical signs of the transformation into a giant under the eyes.

Do you think he could be a suitable companion for this Mikasa Ackerman cosplay?

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