The battle of Onigashima seems to have changed significantly in the last few chapters of ONE PIECE with important events regarding Luffy.

The Mugiwara Captain was defeated by Kaido of the Hundred Beasts. At the summit of Onigashima, the Conqueror King's haki was not enough to throw Luffy overboard from the enemy. apparently an end to the ONE PIECE protagonist's hope of becoming the pirate king. Kaido, however, did not end his slaughter, entered the room where Momonosuke is and attacked Kin'emon with his Haki-infused Kanabo.

Kin'emon's swords break, the samurai seems to be hit hard by the blow and the upper part of the torso is no longer visible, while Momonosuke sees the scene crying. We'll see one then Death in ONE PIECE 1015? Kiku now seems to be there to die, Kin'emon will at least be badly injured and Kaido does not seem ready to break his killing trail and could even attack Shinobu. Some scenes will also be dedicated to the rest of the crew, with someone who could step in in time to save the child.

It's difficult for Yamato to get there on time as he was walking away from this area while the others all seem busy. Perhaps only the law could intervene and save the future shogun. And there is also the question of who will save Luffy since he fell into the water and therefore cannot return to the surface on his own. Who will intervene for the protagonist? ONE PIECE 1015 will be released on Sunday June 6th 2021 in English and Spanish on MangaPlus at 6 p.m.

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