There are so many characters associated with the moon. Considering that our satellite has of course been an important reference point for thousands of years, it is also associated with many personalities in today's culture. Between TV series, anime and manga, movies, comics and countless other products, there are characters like Sailor Moon.

Naoko Takeuchi invented this character whose Power was tied to the moon, and it's no coincidence that her name is Sailor Moon. Flanked by other warriors named after the planets of the solar system, she fights at night by transforming and magically pulling out a white shirt and blue skirt sailor suit and other accessories. What if instead she was linked to another character made famous because of the moon?

In the world of comics there is Moon Knight, the knight of the moon, a person mainly associated with Egyptian mythology who wears all white. Recently protagonist of a TV series on Disney +, now we review him in a very special way. Cosplayer Gabi Sprout suggested a very special one on her Twitter page Sailor Moon Cosplay in the Moon Knight version. The sailor suit becomes a set of white bandages that envelop him from head to toe, certainly a magnificent work of the imagination.

Speaking of mashups, here's a Sailor Moon cosplay mixed with Wonder Woman.

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