The monstrous form of final villain of My Hero Academia changes again given what Kohei Horikoshi showed in the latest chapter published in Weekly Shonen Jump. Shigaraki transforms, and that's certainly not good news for the heroes who stayed there, injured and weakened from a long battle.

But things will finally change. My Hero Academy 366 tells about a crucial phase for the heroes of the flying arena, the most important, and therefore for the entire war that is taking place in Japan. First, Shigaraki shows a certain mutation of his body that makes him even more massive and most importantly protected by many more hands. Especially in the defensive area, the physicist seems to have reached his zenith; Also, the villain seems to have lost control and so he obliterates Mirko, Tamaki and Nejire with a few punches.

Best Jeanist, still near the unconscious Bakugo, tries to restrain him while Mirio appears helpless. However, Mandalay warns everyone to hold on for about two minutes as they need to clear the electromagnetic barrier for a few seconds. Easier said than done, as Shigaraki quickly breaks free of the Best Jeanist's bonds, but Mirio, thinking of Midnight, shows the bad guy his buttwho is caught unprepared.

At that very moment, the barrier falls and Deku arrives and hits Shigaraki with a powerful swing. Finally, protagonist and antagonist face off and close an important chapter of My Hero Academia.

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