Fairy tales always involve the presence of a princess and a hero running to save her. The from shrek But it's a slightly different story, as Dreamworks shakes up most canons - while staying anchored to a specific fairy tale narrative - by presenting an ugly protagonist, quite literally an ogre.

To save his swamp, Shrek is forced by Lord Farquad to save Princess Fiona, trapped in a castle guarded by a giant dragon. And so the ogre has no choice but to embark on this journey accompanied by Donkey, hoping that the lord will keep his promise. The discovery that Shrek will then make will be amazing - if only for him - since Fiona becomes an ogress at night, which can only delight the hero of the story.

Mostly though Fiona wanted to be fully humanto get rid of the curse by marrying her charming prince. Lady Melamori created one to commemorate this version, which appears in both Shrek 2 and the first film in the saga Fiona cosplay from human princess, with a really well made dress. Even the movements seem to be those of the woman in the animation, what do you think? For some time there has also been talk of a Shrek reboot, which would breathe new life into the saga with the ogre.

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