While Yu-Gi-Oh fans love to test out the strategies just introduced by Ipernova Fotonica, the first core set of 2023 of Konami's trading card game, another announcement is coming that will surely make collectors happy: we're talking about the Yu-Gi-Oh Pot Collection entirely dedicated to the jars.

What exactly is the Pot Collection? It is about one special Collector's Edition with maps and minifigures dedicated to the numerous glasses of the collectible card game. Those who approached the TCG through the anime or the early expansion sets will surely remember cards like theseAmphora of Greed or the Jar of Greed, but you might not know that Konami has released a whopping 14 different jars for its TCG over time.

The Amphora of Greed has received special merchandise for years and is confirmed as one of the most popular cards for fans of the Japanese TCG. However, the Pot Collection includes 14 minifigures, one for each jar (or Amphora, depending on the translation) was never released in the trading card game. Of the 14 minifigures, 11 have a stand and three don't. The numbers will be as follows:

  • Amphora of Greed (with pedestal)
  • Amphora of Generosity (with base)
  • Glass of Greed (with base)
  • Jar of Kindness (with base)
  • Jar of Wealth (with stand)
  • Acquisition glass (with base)
  • Jar of Duality (with base)
  • Jar of Dichotomy (with base)
  • jar of wishes (with base)
  • Jar of Generosity (with base)
  • Jar of Prosperity (with base)
  • Spirit of the Amphora of Greed (without socket)
  • Moray Eel of Greed (without socket)
  • Shard of Greed (no base)

There will then be one for each minifigure in the collection special Ultra Parallel Rare cardwhile the Glass of Greed will be available in the special Secret of the Fourth Century rarity, previously intended for very few cards, all of the most iconic of Yu-Gi-Oh!.

The set is only available for pre-order from Tournament Center, Konami's only authorized reseller for Europe, and is aLimited edition at a price of 159.99 euros. So not exactly an affordable price for everyone. There release Collection is slated for Fall 2023, just in time for the Yu-Gi-Oh! 25th Anniversary celebrations, which are slated for February 2024.

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