One-Punch Man is a world full of heroes, but mostly it's men. During the first phase of the webcomic drawn by ONE and then revived in a manga version by Yusuke Murata, we see almost only men in action, both among the protagonists and among the opponents. Fubuki is the first real female character which is inserted to support Saitama.

Over time, there have been many cosplayers who have taken on the role of Fubuki, which proves that the girl is very much loved by the readers and viewers of One hit man. We've seen the Fubuki cosplay from Faunarosa in the past, as well as the Fubuki model version from Mangoecos that caught the eye.

But now there is another cosplayer who has decided to take on the role of the psychic heroine. The Fubuki cosplay visible below was made by Ronnie, who captures the heroine in all her facets with various photos. With a green aura, this Fubuki wears the classic long dark dress with a scarf around her shoulders while using her psychic powers to pick up some debris. In the second photo we instead see her showing off a different pose.

What do you think about this One Punch Man themed cosplay? Let us know in the comments.

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