Recently The attack of the giants is the focus of attention due to the approaching completion of the work and the new cartoon series. Not many will know, however, that in the past, the protagonists of the titans of work had to clash with the Avengers. Let's go into more detail.

In the animated version of the manga by Hajime Isayama We were able to discover various pieces of information about the world outside the walls in which the protagonists had been imprisoned in previous seasons. War is currently broken out between the residents of Paradis Island and the soldiers of the Marley Nation. In addition, the final episode of The Attack of the Giants 4 ended with the announcement of an incredible clash of the Titans.

In the past, however, the gigantic monsters had to do this face completely different enemies by members of the Scout Army or other characters who populate the world created by the Mangaka. In fact, they had the opportunity to meet and fight with them avengers, the famous group of heroes from Marverl Comics. It did so in an official one-shot published in both Secret Wars # 0 by the American publisher and in Brutus magazine by Kodansha.

The work resulted from a collaboration between Isayama and CB Cebulski and was created by artists Gerardo Sandoval and Dono Sanchez Almara, who designed a total of eight pages, some of which are visible in the tweet reported at the bottom of the news. In the pictures we can see signs like Hulk and Iron Man pledged to defeat the female giant or black widow while trying to counteract it Armored titanium.

Did you know this incredible crossover network? And what do you think? Let us know with a comment.

Finally, I will report to interested parties about news about the new Captain Marvel costume.

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