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Chapter 8: The Assassin's Orb

The most anticipated competition ends in one fell swoop. Those of Paradis begin the flight and shoot as they retreat. The Eldiana Marleyense's anger, Gabi, is uncontrollable and she runs to continue the fight, not knowing that Falco has been hiding information from her, but she stubbornly only listens to the beliefs that have been instilled into her. He manages to liquidate Lobov and ascend with his maneuvering equipment, making noise and sneaking in, giving Gabi the first shot and wounding Sasha. You get caught quickly. Pieck discovers the identity of the mysterious soldier who turned out to be a woman and Zeke's faction, which sees the children in the airship, as well as Zeke's plan. But suddenly they are interrupted by the announcement of Sasha's death.

Chapter Opinion

An emotional chapter. Sasha's death and the hatred Gabi would have for it have already been announced. But that seems fine to me, nobody is safe in a war, besides, they kill Jean, Hange and even Mikasa for me too. Although the problem is that some, some, don't accept cowardly deaths when their beloved characters die. If Sasha had died as Lobov, surely several would have complained, not everything will be heroic with the headmasters. Well adjusted, musical, exquisite. The only thing that didn't seem so good to me was the cut they went to openingIt didn't feel natural.

One hit man

I was expecting a bit more from the Battleship and Assault Titans, but Eren finished it off with a single hit, which isn't bad, he didn't have the strength left and Reiner didn't have that much will either. What I don't understand is the difference the battleship has as it has tips, I suppose you will have practiced for it.

Eren is taken away and arrested in the airship. That raises so many doubts, but I hope they will come to light. And there's no news about Reiner, maybe he can finally sleep.

Losses and revenge

Jean lamented the six victims they had suffered along with Connie and Sahsa, but the rest celebrated that there had been more enemy victims and that they had won the first battle for the new realm of Eldia. When we talk about sacrifices, they have many reasons to celebrate as they are a very small number. In war, losses are important, but the one with the most casualties is not always the one who loses, but that is always considered an important factor. This celebration is their revenge, they are not detached, they are finally taking revenge for what they have done to them for years.


I found the dialogue between Gabi and Falco very interesting when he tells her that Marley destroyed her, she asks if he looked at him and he can only say no. There are old and well-known sayings: To see is to believe, Eyes that see no Kokoro that does not feel, among other. It is one of the first things they teach us in the scientific method: observation. We are usually guided by our senses, it is our access to the truth. And while they may deceive us, we will believe that it is true, people usually let it guide them. How can I check that we really destroyed them? There is no way, so they have no reasons. It's that simple and that's how the media have been playing with us for years. Do we really need to see and touch Jesus to know that he has been resuscitated? (This is just an example because some of the truth may not be within their grasp).

How many factions are there?

Are there really two factions? It seems Eren is on his side, that Marley is half united, that Paradis is half divided. Is there no longer a stationary body because there are no more titans? Is the Legion of Enlightenment Autonomous? Where's Historia? What's more, is the world for or against Marley? I thought it was Paradis versus Marley, but Eren confused me. Who are you fighting against? It seems that there are clear groups, it only seems because in a war everyone will do what is best for them.

Potato or potato

Some of us knew her as "the potato girl," a secondary but valuable personality who is skilled in the field and has survived multiple crossbreeds. But like Levi's team, what goes up goes down. The character design that she had seems to be very good, you can see the maturity in her facial features and I find that she is more beautiful than years ago. As Héctor Lavoe said: Everything has an end, nothing lasts forever. And this was the ending of Sasha, great character, great waifu, with little awareness this season, but important participation.

On the other hand, she is another victim and Connie and Jean are the ones who feel it the most. It's hard to lose someone who you've shared a lot with, who you loved, and who was already like another family member. The worst part is that they will surely feel like they didn't say what they had to say to her: thank you and that they love you. You never know when it will end: hug your partner every day and tell them you love them. The same goes for your family, friends, and you Daimakura.

"What's the matter, Dr. Garcia?"

I was confused: Paradis wanted to save Eren, but Eren is a kind of refugee who uses his importance to run after him. But Paradis is allied with Zeke, who apparently is the one who put the plan together to distract and defeat Marley's Bigwigs, but did he infiltrate Marley, or what happened to keep that contact with Paradis? Because of him they managed to infiltrate, how many years was he like that? Is there love hatred between Zeke and Levi? ship?)? I'm at a loss, stunned, and don't know what's going on, but the next chapter seems to have answers.

That's it for this chapter. The following looks like Flashbackbut I don't know, I don't know anymore


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