Considering the interconnected world that Eiichiro Oda has created, attention cannot only be focused on Monkey D. Luffy and his crew. The protagonist of ONE PIECE it certainly always conquers the stage, but in order to try to predict the next contents and understand more of this universe it is necessary to keep an eye on the others as well.

And in doing so, it is important to take a look at a past event that was published years ago, but which one in the world of ONE PIECE it happened only recently. The effects of the Reverie were devastating in many ways, from the abolition of the Fleet of the Seven to other decisions made by the kings of the islands associated with World Government. In the end, there were also scuffles over the revolutionary army led by Sabo, leading to deductions and theories about the status of Nefertari Bibi, Princess of Alabasta, who disappeared after her father's assassination.

So many chapters left you wondering what happened to Luffy's princess friend. Chapter 1074 of ONE PIECE answers that question with one page brings back Bibi in the manga. The blue-haired girl is in the company of none other than Wapol and Morgans, who form a truly unique trio. In the reporter's Motive Airship, the three talk, with Morgans attempting to lie about Egghead's situation. Bibi obviously disagrees considering Luffy is a friend of hers. However, it seems that the Princess of Alabasta risked a lot and that it was the two men who saved her.

What is the true story of bibi and how did it get there?

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