After over a thousand published chapters and with publication started in 1997, the ONE PIECE manga has finally entered its final narrative arc. The end is near, master Eiichiro Oda He sows the seeds for the next generation of writers who can draw on his ideas and working methods.

THE There are still many puzzles to be solved before the end of ONE PIECE. In fact, many more battles and revelations await us that will confuse the history of the world where the adventures of the Mugiwara are set. Anyway, before he finds out what the finale has to say, Eiichiro Oda has revealed one of his secrets.

During an old interview with Sound Record Magazine from 2012, Sensei Oda talked about creating a character for ONE PIECE. When the master introduces a new protagonist, try not to make him too strong. However, the author must have forgotten that when creating Sakazuki, who according to Oda himself could end the world of ONE PIECE within a year. The mangaka then promised to take care of him, who over time went from Admiral to Grand Admiral of the World Government Navy. Despite this, the Five Stars of Wisdom seem to respect Shanks more than Akainu.

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