Yu-Gi-Oh!  – The rarest card in the game may cost more than Ronaldo’s yacht

The franchise occupies a prominent place in the world panorama of card games Yu-Gi-Oh!, one of the most recognizable titles in the history of Weekly Shonen Jump and one of Shueisha publisher's best sellers in terms of merchandising. But which card is absolutely worth the most?

Even today there are many fans who share their passion for the legendary Yu-Gi-Oh! - Maintain cards. In fact, over time, some fans have used some decidedly more powerful decks than Yugi's, which may be considered obsolete because of theLack of a real technical and strategic plan, Cornerstone of the trading card game.

The card that sows the others by far is called Shiny black soldier, exclusively to the winner of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Japan championship delivered. from 1999. It is not printed on traditional cardboard, but on a stainless steel plate. It is said that the owner put the card up for sale monstrous figure of 8 million euros, much more than the yacht recently bought by Cristiano Ronaldo. Rumor has it that it was eventually sold to a buyer for just under € 2 million, though the news was never officially confirmed.

However, there is actually a second card that sits on the same throne as Black Luster Soldier, namely Tyler the great warrior, specially made by 4Kids Entertainment Inc. in 2002 for a young Yu-Gi-Oh! 14-year-old diagnosed with extremely severe liver cancer. Today the boy is fortunately healthy again and is in his hands, one of the most exclusive cards in the history of trading card games and of almost priceless value.

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