Bleach: Let’s see who Chad is, the guy with raw strength and a heart of gold

Among Ichigo's friends in the manga bleaching Of Tite Kubo, Chad, nickname of Yasutora Sado, stands out. Despite his room, which may seem intimidating, he is certainly one of the characters in the manga with the gentlest soul. Let's get to know him better.

Chad is a boy of Japanese and Mexican origin He moved to Mexico when he was a child. It would be bad luck that he lost his parents in this country, which began a dark time for the young man in which he began to use his size to rage over everyone who stood before him. become a real tyrant.

To put an end to this sad phase of the boy was his grandfather Oscar. One day it happened The man stood up for Chad's defense targeted by other bullies. Our husband was impressed not only that his grandfather was protecting him, but that he didn't even try to fight back. Through this event, the young man learned that what he had always shown was not true strength, but that the latter shows itself when it is used to protect others.

There Combination of strength and goodness of mind Derived from the teachings of his grandfather, Chad makes the character of a unique nobility in this Shonen, but once he returns to Japan his life will change again. Re-targeted by some bullies to defend our intervention Kurosaki Ichigo He who teaches a new lesson in what would soon become one of his most loyal companions: to use force against his enemies is justified when done to protect friends.

Always maintain his friendliness and the principles that characterize him, Chad becomes an important companion for the protagonist always ready to make his strength available to the allies. He will rush to the rescue of Rukia without hesitation, withstand the clash with Captain Shunsui Kyoraku, and even risk his death by facing the Arrancar D. Roy. To get stronger and always help his teammates, Ichigo's friend He will even ask for help from Kisuke Uraharato show that admitting your own weakness is actually a sign of strength.

Yasutora Sado is therefore undoubtedly one of the most sensitive characters in Bleach able to demonstrate his strength in ways that not many other protagonists of the saga can. But what do you think of him? Let us know with a comment.

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